Artwalk Amsterdam

Artwalk, founded by Holger Nickisch, was an artist’s initiative that specialised in projects for the public space, art in neighbourhoods or art in the streets. Artwalk operated as a point of convergence where current developments in contemporary art, context-specific social interaction, city-planning and architecture took on new relationships.

Artwalk had been in operation from 2001 until 2008. During that period, 25 storefront exhibitions (showing more than 400 artists) had been realised in combination with other activities, such as performance, works in the public space, installations and education. Artwalk’s programming was the result of the collaboration between many artists, guest curators and diverse organisations such as the city districts, other artists initiatives, housing associations, small businesses, social workers, different neighbourhood groups and funding organisations.

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Holger is a passionate man, he is creative and persuasive and knows how to motivate people. With these qualities he realizes wonderful projects. In the past I worked with Holger to the exhibition Archipel and the exhibits of Artwalk Amsterdam. A beautiful and challenging time we share together.

- Dirk Blikkendaal, Head of Finance, IT & Production at IDFA, Amsterdam

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