Atelier Malkovich

Atelier Malkovich presented the results of a competition among architects, architecture schools, artists and designers : ‘Design an innovative and functional studio building that fits the challenging position of a contemporary artist today.’

The eight winning maquettes were built in scale 1:2. The interior was designed by a selection of artists from the Nieuw en Meer Foundation. Among other activities the buildings were used later for an art education program for the locals schools of Amsterdam.

Titles and participants:
ARCHIVE / Lada Hrsak en Danielle Huls
DUCK AND COVER / Roger van Bergen
BINNEN BUITEN / Thomas Gillet en Kobbe Nouwens
KUNST IN HET PARK / Jules Ruyters
METAMORPH / Ruud van der Zanden en
Gert-Martijn Zwartsenburg
PARKPARK / Cecilia Hendriks en Anika Ohleric
HAVOK MILK / FLATarchitects, Tim Piëth

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