The first Ringbiënnale festival has surpassed the expectations of the organizers and pleasantly surprised the audience. “I got a picture of the Haarlemmermeer polder, it is more than straightforward. If you walk on the Ringdijk one can see huge surprises.”

During the last two weekends of September 2014 one could join the crowds in thirty different program elements at seventeen different locations: outside exhibitions, a concert inspired by themed soundscapes, a tractor dance, theater, visual arts and performance, bike tours through the Haarlemmermeer, and also presentations on innovation and sustainability in business.
There were several artists who looked in their own way to the landscape: wading through the locks, performance in the polder or brewing potato-beer. Plus documentaries on entrepreneurs and residents of Haarlemmermeer, made by students of the Kaj Munk College. And finally a large potato festival in the center of Hoofddorp.
Co-curator: Iris Dik

Working together with Holger is entering the world of the unexpected. Seldom a dull moment!

- Frits Ferres, consultant, advisor and co-founder of the RingBiannual, Haarlemmermeer