Stadsmarkt Anders / Citymarket Otherwise

Friday evening July 8 2022 we celebrated the final of ‘Citymarket Otherwise’ by Dimitri van den Wittenboer and Holger Nickisch at Bureau Postjesweg. You can see the artistic market stalls and other vehicles – from a kitchen island to a game table and an open stage – that the artists designed and built together with the local residents, local artists and neighboring children, while enjoying good food (with homemade bread from the clay oven)!
For two months, Bureau Postjesweg became a self-organized workshop for the neighborhood. We are happy to share the results and traces left behind, including drawings, music, graffiti, the mobile objects and furniture, making fire… and our latest project the clay oven that we built under the direction of the artists Anna and Samira. The growing collection of moving objects also supported the research that Dimitri and Holger carried out in a playful way on the August Allebéplein on eight Saturday afternoons in the early summer of 2022. While executing the project in public space questions arose as from whom is the square? How do the daily users react to our colorful artistic interventions? How do you make a place inclusive? What kind of values belong to this open space, beside consumption and commerce? What do you miss as a neighbor? What is possible and what is not? As an artist-in-residence Dimitri was continuously present at Bureau Postjesweg and was therefore able to properly supervise the various processes.

Our thanks go out to the children of the Johan Greive neighbourhood, in Amsterdam Nieuw West, to Larissa and Willem, Hans and Kees, Abdelkader and Saida, Buba, Nathan, Gijs, Oscar, Paulina, Bernice, Shadi and all other participants! Special thanks to the artists Anna Celda, Samira Vogel and Paulina Martinez Marin for the collaboration and support during the project. Last but not least for the financial support of the Heutink developer group, VSBfonds and the local administration.

Visueel verslag van het kunstproject Stadsmarkt Anders van Dimitri van den Wittenboer en Holger Nickisch in opdracht van Bureau Postjesweg.

Met dank aan de buurjongens en moeders, de bewoners van het New West gebouw, het stadsdeel NieuwWest, de gulle gevers zoals VSBfonds, het AFK en de buurtfondsen, Heutink projectontwikkeling, de deelnemende kunstenaars en buurtorganisaties, Dimitri van den Wittenboer en last but not least Bureau Postjesweg.

Holger Nickisch


Progress of the running project will be reported in diary form on the blogpage on this website.

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