West Wednesdays

West Wednesdays is an art tour along an alliance of art spaces and initiatives in Amsterdam West / Hallenkwartier. Every second Wednesday of the month we open in the evening the doors for an additional program in The Hallen, Tetterode, on the WG terrain and in the streets; individual or in collaboration for a broader audience and in all disciplines: Film, word, music, art and performances.
My contribution is to be part of the advisory board.

We are West Wednesdays:

Beeldend Gesproken – Art gallery, performance stage and artwork library
Bellamy Kabinet – (formerly known as BEP – Bellamy Etalage Project)
Gonzo (circus) – Magazine on music, art and more, in collaboration with STEIM (Studio voor elektro akoestische experimentele muziek)
Kulter. – Art, exhibition, performance, music, words and tours
LIMA  – Collection and research of media art
M4gastatelier – International art platform, space and residency
puntWG – projectruimte en podium voor de kunst

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