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Holodeck Jungbusch

The Foyer — Confidence Building Measures – is an artistic research project on entrances and accesses in the context of architecture, art and impartation. The research project took place in art space Zeitraumexit, in the Jungbusch area of Mannheim (GER). […]

Humboldt Forum

The Humboldt Forum is a large-scale museum project in Berlin, Germany, which has its seat in the reconstructed Berlin Palace, located on the famous Museum Island. The Forum has its roots in the ancient Prussian Art Chamber (Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz), […]

Ringsporen I

Ringsporen 1 – A Preview: From Garden Collectives to New Frontier 7 artists – 7 art presentations in public space – 10 days – the beginning of 1 story. Awaiting the completion of its permanent residency and project space near […]

Going Nomad

From 22th of July till the 9th of September, 2018, the exhibition Going Nomad was on show at Amstelpark, Amsterdam. Exhibition Going Nomad researched diverse aspects of contemporary nomadic living and thinking, through a focus on mobile architecture. It took place […]

De Ontkieming

De Ontkieming (The Germination) is an interactive art installation: An edible model measuring no less than 20 square meters, of the Westergasfabriek cultural site in Amsterdam Westerpark. It was designed by Holger Nickisch in collaboration with the artist group Cascoland. […]

Artwalk Amsterdam

Artwalk, founded by Holger Nickisch, was an artist’s initiative that specialised in projects for the public space, art in neighbourhoods or art in the streets. Artwalk operated as a point of convergence where current developments in contemporary art, context-specific social […]

Atelier Malkovich

Atelier Malkovich presented the results of a competition among architects, architecture schools, artists and designers : ‘Design an innovative and functional studio building that fits the challenging position of a contemporary artist today.’ The eight winning maquettes were built in […]


Based on a survey of tiny mobile housing constructions, my own experience with art projects in the public space and an ongoing series of interviews with participating artists (started in spring 2006) the movable unit ME / folly became reality. […]