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Stadsmarkt Anders / Citymarket Otherwise

Friday evening July 8 2022 we celebrated the final of ‘Citymarket Otherwise’ by Dimitri van den Wittenboer and Holger Nickisch at Bureau Postjesweg. You can see the artistic market stalls and other vehicles – from a kitchen island to a […]

De Praktikant

In the years to come, a crucial urban development of Amsterdam Nieuw-West district will take place, exemplary of many urban outskirts in Dutch large cities. This development will bring to bear questions about the district’s demography, quality of life, representation, […]

Holodeck Jungbusch

The Foyer — Confidence Building Measures – is an artistic research project on entrances and accesses in the context of architecture, art and impartation. The research project took place in art space Zeitraumexit, in the Jungbusch area of Mannheim (GER). […]

Ringsporen I

Ringsporen 1 – A Preview: From Garden Collectives to New Frontier 7 artists – 7 art presentations in public space – 10 days – the beginning of 1 story. Awaiting the completion of its permanent residency and project space near […]

Foundation BPPR

In the Summer of 2019, a newly founded project space, Bureau Postjesweg PResents, opened its doors in the Amsterdam city district Nieuw-West. Using the visual arts as a lens through which to perceive the dynamism in this district, Bureau Postjesweg […]


Flugblätter (pamphlets) is an exhibition-series initiated by Düsseldorf-based curator Birgit Jensen in which Holger Nickisch is participating as an artist. For this project, Jensen approached some 130 international artists from her wide network, asking them how they, as visual artists, respond to […]

Going Nomad

From 22th of July till the 9th of September, 2018, the exhibition Going Nomad was on show at Amstelpark, Amsterdam. Exhibition Going Nomad researched diverse aspects of contemporary nomadic living and thinking, through a focus on mobile architecture. It took place […]

De Ontkieming

De Ontkieming (The Germination) is an interactive art installation: An edible model measuring no less than 20 square meters, of the Westergasfabriek cultural site in Amsterdam Westerpark. It was designed by Holger Nickisch in collaboration with the artist group Cascoland. […]

Community Gardens Open-Air Hotel

On Sunday June 18, 2017, some 50 guests spent the night in Amsterdam-West´s garden park Nut & Genoegen, during the first night of service in The Netherlands, of the Community Gardens Open-Air Hotel. Hosted by the community´s gardeners, the Open-Air […]

20 Seconds for Art

Founded in 2004, the KÖR institution in Wien (“Kunst im öffentlichen Raum”, or “Public Art Vienna”) is committed to breathing new life into the city of Vienna’s public space with permanent or temporary art projects. Early 2017, KÖR´s ‘20 Seconds […]